Setting the Table

Hosting a meal this holiday season? Creating a tablescape can make any occasion special. More than just a centerpiece, a tablescape is basically art that factors in the entire table, place settings and all. Read on for a few hints on creating your own masterpiece and some links for inspiration!

Mix and Matched Fall Tablescape
  1. Have a general plan. Are you hosting a formal meal? Do you have a color theme you’re trying to work with? Are you going to have a buffet? Knowing the answers to these types of questions will help you make better decisions going forward, and you can avoid having to move a giant centerpiece if you plan on a family style meal. Additionally, setting up as much as you can the day before will help cut down your to-do list and lower your stress level the day of.
  2. Use what you already own. Look at your belongings with a creative eye – mason jars make great vases or votives, knick-knacks and figurines can add whimsy and use your candles for much needed light and warmth. Missing something and don’t want to break the budget on decor? Borrow from a friend! After spending a little more than I had initially planned, my friend Heather lent me her chargers for my Friendsgiving last year!

    Borrowed Chargers for Friendsgiving
  3. Incorporate natural elements and bring the outside in, as they say! Scatter pine cones along your runner, pair name tags with fresh herbs or get creative with seasonal fruit. Unusual juxtapositions like a natural wood table and super glam settings or brightly painted mini pumpkins could elevate your whole dinner. If you’re lucky enough to live in a locale where an outside meal is possible all year long, flowers and other greenery can add a seasonal touch to your table!

    Fall in Florida – A Friend’s Thanksgiving
  4. Mix and match EVERYTHING. Last year we found gold trimmed china at a thrift store – mixing it in with the plates I’ve had since college gives everything a little more oomph! Pair high end pieces more budget items, like fancy wine glasses and Ikea goblets, and watch the magic unfold.
  5. Add visual interest by varying heights and textures. Hard metallic elements play perfectly off of softer, more natural fabrics and mixing glass items with ceramics is so fun! Incorporate multiple patterns in textiles or statement plates you want to showcase. In terms of varied heights, set out different styles of drinkware or capitalize on cake stands. Just remember you still want everyone to be able to see each other, so aim for candles on risers or multiple, small bouquets rather than eye-level florals in your centerpiece.
Minimalist Easter Settings

Most importantly, try to have fun! This is an opportunity for you to let your creative side loose and add a personal touch to any celebration. If you’re interested in creating your own tablescape, but are unsure of where to start, maybe one of the links below can help get you ‘scapin’!

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All pictures are my own.