Our Nursery

EEEEE! I am SO excited to share our nursery today! This room has quickly become my favorite room in the house, and I can’t wait to see how the space grows with our baby. Pregnancy in a foreign country mid global pandemic has definitely been an interesting experience, but putting together this sweet nursery has helped me feel a little more grounded.

Peter’s Bear gets a second life

Our Goals

When converting our guest room into a nursery, we had a few goals in mind for the space.

  • Cover the small door to the attic, but still have it accessible.
  • Repurpose extra furniture that we already own.
  • When we buy new furniture, invest in pieces that will be useful past the first two years.
  • Use a flexible color palette that will not need to be completely overhauled for any future children.
  • DO NOT OVER BUY! The space is small and should be able to accommodate more as needed.

The result is a cute, inviting space that makes me smile every time I walk in. We definitely hit most of our goals, with one exception. I initially thought we’d go with a more muted, grown up vibe, but I just couldn’t resist playful pops of pink and green. Here’s how it all turned out!


As a quick reminder, here is what the room looked like when we decided to move to Germany and as our guest room.

Now for the good stuff!

I still have a couple things I’m waiting on, but I just couldn’t wait to share! On my list are new knobs for the dresser and a piece of art near the chair. We also have a ton of books coming for our little library! I’ll have to update as I go 😊

These are the knobs I selected- I love that they give a little nod to Utah (the beehive state!). What do you think? Creepy or cute? But to-do list aside, I love the cheerful feeling of this room.

Meeting Our Goals

Hiding the door

This went really well for us! Peter cleverly used board and batten paneling to cover the door but leave it accessible. It’s so nice to have a handy husband!

Repurposing Our Furniture

The rug, chair and dressers were all items we already owned or had access to. While we may end up purchasing a glider down the line, I am so glad we found new homes for things we brought with us from the USA! Here’s how the rug and chair looked in our Milwaukee apartment.

The large wood dresser is Peter’s from his childhood bedroom! In addition to the storage it provides, we are also using it as a changing area.

Investing in Long Lasting Furniture

Even though we will be room sharing for the first little while, we wanted to make sure Baby Hauschel was all set up for the future. This crib converts from a safe sleep space for babies, to toddlers to kids up to 10 years old! Now that’s what I mean when I say longevity! The ottoman is our only other new piece of furniture for this room. While the pink upholstery may not be quite as timeless as the crib, I think the storage space will serve us well for at least a few years to come.

Flexible Palette

I changed my mind from the top of the post to here 😂 I think we actually did pretty well on keeping things relatively neutral. While we did incorporate a lot of pink accessories, they’re just that. Accessories that can be easily changed depending on what the future brings.

Counting the green as gender neutral
Avoid Over Buying

While Peter may disagree, I think we nailed this. We currently have more than enough room in the nursery to add toys, storage or whatever else we may need! At least that’s my story for furnishings. Baby clothes are a different topic.

You guys, I am so thrilled with how the nursery is turning out. It feels finished but still leaves plenty of room for personalization as Baby Hauschel grows! Did we miss anything obvious? What were your favorite nursery items! Let me know!