5 Ways to Celebrate Halloween During COVID

Like many Americans, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. This is a problem here, because while Halloween is becoming more widely celebrated in Germany, everything basically goes from summer to Christmas. Really- I saw a Christmas ad in August! This year, I planned, would be the year I brought Spooky Season to Zepfenhan. This year, it turns out, is 2020 and nothing goes according to plan. That being said, no matter where you are, you can still safely celebrate Halloween! Here are five ideas to get you in the spooky mood… costumes optional!

A quick disclaimer: Because the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly evolving, be sure to follow guidelines and keep up with information from your local officials if you invite guests outside of your family.

Carve Pumpkins

Outside of trick or treating, is there a more Halloween-y thing a person could do? Lay down some newspaper on the kitchen floor or wrap your table, set out the candy bowl and get after it! A few years ago we invested in this carving toolset. I’ll never look at a grocery store set again. If you have small children, consider painting your pumpkins!

Watch a Halloween Movie Marathon

Confession: we are not tough enough for really scary movies. Having said that, there are plenty of movies that are just creepy enough for Halloween without crossing the line. Hocus Pocus goes without saying, but other suggestions include Coraline, Ghost Busters, and Scream. Had enough screen time? Check out a creepy book!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Do it for the gram! If you’re feeling brave, wear your costumes and have a Halloween photo shoot. Here in Germany there are fewer pumpkin patches, but you can check out the Ludwigsburg K├╝rbisasusstellung! The festival includes giant pumpkin sculptures, carving contests and fairytales for kids. We also sampled some of the many snacks; pumpkin seed bratwursts and pumpkin waffels. YUM!

Make Halloween Themed Treats

2020 has given us enough tricks, so let’s focus on the treats! From mummy wrapped jalapeno poppers to grave dirt pudding to spider web taco dip, the possibilities are endless! If you need inspiration, take a look at my pinterest board. I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas for Halloween treats!

Go All Out on Decor

Setting your carved pumpkins out front is the least you can do. Buy a fog machine, lawn decor and fake spider webs for the windows! Or, if your aesthetic is a little less gouhlish, hang a nice fall wreath on your door. But I still think this is the time to try your hand at making a cute garland. You can find a DIY tutorial here.

Even with at home, Halloween is too fun to skip! How are you celebrating Halloween this year?