3 Plant Killer Proof Plants

Hi, my name is Annie, and I was a Plant Killer. I never meant to do it! It just… happened. I would buy a pretty little plant with every intention of loving it, but somehow it always ended up withered and brown.

image via Flower Power

Slowly and with much trial and error (RIP poor babies), I’ve learned how to care for different types of greenery and learned which species will work in my space. Since moving to Germany, I haven’t lost a single plant! Sometimes I take on more challenging flora, but for the most part now I stick to Plant Killer Proof Plants. To be considered Plant Killer Proof a plant must:

  1. Thrive in a variety of light conditions.
  2. Be low maintenance in water requirements.
  3. Be resilient.

If you follow these rules, you’ll look like you’ve got the greenest thumb there ever was. To help you get started on a successful path to plant parenthood, I’ve listed my top three choices for Plant Killer Proof plants.


Image via Amazon

Pothos plants are the perfect confidence builders. They grow well in all types of light conditions, even very low light. I water ours every Friday, however they are generally pretty flexible. In addition to ease of care, Pothos comes in many varieties! Pair two with different leaves on a shelf for instant jungalo vibes.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum (Golden) Plant - Buy Plants ...
Image via Nestreeo

Available in a huge variety of sizes, Peace Lilies are great additions in any room. While Peter and I lived in Milwaukee, we occasionally needed to be gone for up to two weeks at a time and we didn’t have anyone to water our plants. However, that never seemed to bother our peace lily! We would just water as usual and watch the plant bounce back within minutes.

Snake Plants

Bogenhanf Sansevieria Zeylanica  60
Image via YouPlant

This air purifying beauty is maybe the easiest plant on this list. Snake plants enjoy all light conditions, and the best part is you only need to water them every 2-8 weeks!

We’re still growing (haha) our collection, but you can see all three of my Plant Killer Proof Plant on our shelves! If you’re thinking being a dog mom is more your thing, check out my post here!