Zepfenhaus Home Tour – Part Two

Remember when I said I would post this last week? Instead we changed my flight at the last minute so I could get back to Germany. Even though it meant leaving my family early, 30+ hours of travel and lost luggage, coming home was definitely the right choice for me. With so much uncertainty in the world right now I’m glad I don’t have to weather the storm without Peter.

At this point I was 90% hand sanitizer

That being said, I’m still committed to this phone pics home tour! Now that I’m home, it is tempting to grab a few better shots or to fix a detail here and there… but I’ll save that for when I submit to Apartment Therapy! If you missed Part One, you can check that out here!

Second Bedroom

We were SO lucky that my father-in-law finished the top floor of our Zepfenhaus before we arrived in Germany. While the second bedroom definitely the most complete when we got here, I think it is definitely one of our more “in progress” rooms. Because we have one (ONE!!) closet in the house, this bedroom also functions as our dressing room. Going forward, we are planning for a master closet about this size 🙈 (I also have a different spot picked out for the black hat).

Master Bedroom

Just like in the second bedroom, we arrived to a mostly finished product! You can see a video of the true before here. You guys, I love this room. The light that comes in makes my heart so happy, even if we have a way to go on decor. Because of the slant of the ceiling, Peter custom made us the headboard (and bench!). Our most recent additions to this room were the bedside lamps. Who knew that wall mounted lamps would make me feel so fancy?!

The In-Between Room and Bathroom

This room is a little odd. We don’t know what to call it, so for now it’s the in-between room! As I said above, this we basically have no dedicated storage space in the house. So instead of a linen closet, we’re making it work with the ubiquitous Ikea Kallax. Our teeny tiny bathroom is just off of this room. My father-in-law did a beautiful job with the existing space, but I am still dreaming of a day when I can put my elbows out in the shower 🤣

What’s Left

On this floor, we don’t have may projects at all! All that’s left up here is decor and figuring out how to best use the space. Do you have a lack of storage in your house? What are the challenges you faced moving into a new home?