My Favorite Weekly True Crime Podcasts

You guys, I listen to a LOT of podcasts. I listen to podcasts when I’m driving, I listen when I’m cooking. I listen while I’m folding laundry, I listen while I’m working out. I listen to podcasts ALL. THE. TIME.

Exhibit A: bad picture of me, painting our fence, listening to podcasts

One of my favorite genres is True Crime- but these days whose isn’t?! Luckily, the world’s obsession with the subject has given countless options when it comes to podcasts. Not every True Crime podcast is created equal, though, and I’ve definitely found some shows to be… not to my taste. I’m not really interested in gory details or gratuitous descriptions. What interests me is the WHY of it all. If you feel the same, then check out these weekly podcasts out!

My Favorite Murder


HOSTS: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

My Favorite Murder is probably your sister, best friend, mother and literally any other woman you know’s number one True Crime/Comedy Podcast. While that combination may not sound like it should go together, it helps break up the terribleness of the stories while still shedding light on important issues. Every week, Karen and Georgia each tell each other about a crime. It’s like listening to your best friends; they some times mix up the facts but they ALWAYS have fun!

GREAT EPISODE TO START WITH: Episode 18: Investigateighteen Discovery

Casefile: True Crime Podcast

Cue the scary theme song

HOST: Anonymous

This podcast takes a more serious approach to True Crime. The anonymous Australian host tells each well researched story with zero banter. However, that doesn’t mean that these episodes are dry. The cases he covers come from all over the world, and depending on the outcome, he will walk you through the trial or discuss plausible theories.

GREAT EPISODE TO START WITH: Case 136: Azaria Chamberlain

Crime Junkie

Full Body Chills

HOSTS: Ashley Flowers with co-host Brit Prawat

Back in the realm of girlfriends chatting, this podcast is definitely addicting. While they do cover some well known crimes, more often than not Ashley and Brit are shining a light on cases that need more attention. My biggest complaint is that the episodes are so short!


Small Town Murder & Crime in Sports

HOSTS: James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman

This entry is a two-fer! Unapologetically funny (both shows venture more into “dude humor”) but the research is INCREDIBLE. Small Town Murder spends the first half of the show telling you about the titular town, and the second half covers the murder. Similarly, Crime in Sports takes a deep dive into the lives of their athlete of the week before describing their crimes. This show has made laugh out loud while on the treadmill, which is NOT an easy thing to do!

GREAT EPISODES TO START WITH: Small Town Murder: #68 Too Many Dead Husbands in Gun Barrel City, Texas /// Crime in Sports: #107 A Founding Father of Crack – Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson

Generation Why

How you doin’ tonight?

HOSTS: Aaron and Justin

I had a hard time picking which podcast I wanted to round out my top five favorite True Crime Podcasts, but Generation Why won out! Aaron and Justin are consistent and unafraid to give their own opinions. They frequently tackle wrongful convictions or cases where the “who dunnit” isn’t so clear.


Do you listen to weekly True Crime Podcasts? Did I leave out your favorite? Let me know! Looking for more recommendations? Check out my book of the week!