Two Weeks Down, Forever to Go

On the third of June, Peter, Chimi and I touched down in Zurich. Nothing felt particularly special about this flight, even traveling with a dog felt almost routine. Truthfully, the first time the permanence of our move really hit me was at passport control. The friendly woman asked the standard question, “How long will you be in Switzerland?” After telling her we were moving to Germany, she smiled and said, “So, forever!”

Saying Auf Wiedersehen to the Midwest!

FOREVER. What a big word. Because we came earlier than we were initially planning, I thought we would have some time to ease into what that word might mean. But between renovating our future home and dealing with family health issues, it seems like nothing right now is permanent. It’s all about getting to the next step, making it through this week and just generally waiting for “real life” to start.

Fortunately, we have time to get to forever! While I attempt to embrace this season of change in my life, this blog may change a little, too. I will definitely be posting more and more frequently! Once we have a kitchen and settle in, I hope to keep posting recipes and book reviews, but I also hope to focus some thoughts on my experience updating our home and living in Europe!

I would love to know if there are any particular topics you would be interested in reading about, and I’m definitely open to recommendations for things to see and do! Leave a comment on this post, or click on over to the Hauschel Home Facebook page and send me a note!