Book of the Week – Circe

What a way to start 2019! Madeline Miller’s Circe blew me away. As a lifelong lover of mythology, this unique telling of familiar stories was an absolute delight to read.

About the book

Underneath the gorgeous cover art is an equally stunning novel. Circe spans the life of the titular character, a lesser goddess. Even though she is the daughter of the sun god, Helios, she does not immediately display any powers. Enduring seemingly endless torment for her disappointing nature, she persists in trying to find a place of her own in her father’s court. However, when her powers DO finally reveal themselves, the gods agree that she should be banished. Luckily, banishment is truly just the beginning for Circe. As famous names and places weave in and out of her tale, she truly comes into her own.

Maybe it was fate that this beautiful story about the struggles and joys of discovering one’s true self came into my life right now. I can definitely relate to the feelings of inadequacy Circe had among her glittering family. I recognize the driftlessness of a life without purpose. But I also know the happiness of becoming totally comfortable with yourself and your gifts.

Circe speaks to the indomitable female spirit and brings a classic into the modern age. Whether you like Greek mythology or not, I would recommend this book to everyone.

About the Author

If Madeline Miller could go ahead and write 1,000 more books, that would be great. I enjoyed Circe so much that I immediately downloaded her first novel, The Song of Achilles. Both retellings jumped off the page, and the legendary characters glowed with life.

I would recommend this to any fans of the Iliad!

To call Miller’s background in the classics and mythology strong would be an understatement. Through both of these books she manages to not only entertain, but to teach as well! After reading Circe, I definitely recommend clicking through Miller’s photo essay on her heroine. I cannot wait to get her unique spin on the next myth she re-imagines, whatever that may be!

A Quick Note

My previous book reviews were called 60 Second Reports. Going forward, I will stick to the simpler “book of the week” title. Thanks for sticking with me!