Last January I took a couple seconds to actually write down my 2018 resolutions. Okay, I made a note on my iPhone, but you know what I mean!

resolutions note
Batting about 500

I did… okay. I made progress towards all of these goals, however with the exception of the reading, there was no measurable way to “succeed”. So I’m rolling all of these resolutions over to 2019 and tweaking them. By making the goals more specific and slightly smaller, I think I’ll open myself up for some big things!

Wake Up Better

Mornings are hard. That’s not very original, but it is one of the inescapable realities of adult life. This past year, I established a morning routine that works for me, but not always for Peter.

In 2019, I want to establish a morning routine that works for both of us. To make this a more measurable goal, I want to get Peter out the door by 7:30 and myself out by 8:40. Every. Single. Work. Day.

Read One Book A Week

This goal will roll over as is. I read 46 books this year, which is almost there! I’ll elaborate later this week, but I’m definitely anticipating having more time in 2019 and know I can hit this target.

Eat More Vegetables

I promise I like eating vegetables. Really. However, it’s tough to keep the fresh stuff fresh all week! We try to only make one trip to the grocery store weekly, and by Thursday or Friday the produce often looks questionable at best.

Over the last year, I researched more about how to store produce correctly and also tried my hand at meal planning. In 2019, I promise to put this knowledge to use to insure a vegetable makes its way on to my plate every day.

Save $$$

Wow, I really outdid myself on this one. Save how much? A dollar? $10,000? $20,000??

While “$$$” is less than specific, when I set that goal, Peter and I were engaged. So, we did have a goal. Going forward, I commit to setting a budget and sticking to it!

Exercise At Least Twice A Week

Whoops. In the lead up to the wedding, I was definitely exceeding two exercise sessions per week. However, our return from Hawaii marked a dramatic change in my fitness routine. Like many of us, this January I am recommitting to working out.

Saying “twice a week” allowed me to push off actually exercising until it was too late. In 2019, I’m taking away “I’ll do it tomorrow”. My new goal is to work out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Learn German

Ha. This was… overly ambitious. Married to a German, I’m already facing a lot of pressure to learn. Looking at the whole German language is VERY overwhelming.

I still want to learn, and in fact, I NEED to learn German. In order to work towards this goal, I will practice German for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wash My Face Every Night

You guys, I am really bad about this. I brush my teeth, I take off my jewelry but I can never seem to remember to wash my face.

This goal rolls over as is, because apparently I’m a child.

January Cure

Finally, in addition to my resolutions, I’ve committed to the Apartment Therapy January Cure! I’ll be giving weekly updates here, but you can follow along daily in my Instagram stories!