Overnight Eggnog French Toast Casserole

Overnight Eggnog French Toast

Christmas may have passed but I am still in the holiday spirit! Luckily, Peter and I are on the same page. Our decorations won’t come down until Three Kings’ Day, and we’ll keep putting festive twists on our favorite recipes!

Slice of Overnight Eggnog French Toast

This Overnight Eggnog French Toast casserole is a seasonal variation on a very low maintenance recipe. Assembled the night before, the only work to do in the morning is bake! This dish pairs perfectly with a dollop of homemade whipped cream, and is perfect for holiday gatherings or even just a lazy Saturday morning at home.

Slice of Overnight Eggnog French Toast
Chimi checking out the casserole before baking.

Recipe Notes

We almost always have a few frozen loaves of French bread, but for this recipe you can use whatever you have on hand! However, no matter what you use, letting the bread soak overnight is a must. I’ve tried putting it together in the morning, but you who can wait two hours for breakfast?!

I used no special equipment for this recipe. If you’re making this out of eggnog season, I got the base for this recipe from King Arthur Flour. Add apples, raisins, berries – whatever you like!

Overnight Eggnog French Toast Recipe


  • 12-16 Ounces French Bread
  • 4 Eggs
  • 1 Cup Eggnog
  • 3/4 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 TBSP Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 TSP Nutmeg
  • 1/4 TSP Cinnamon
  • 1 TSP Butter

To Make:

  • Use the butter to grease your baking dish.
  • Tear the French bread into one inch(ish) cubes, distribute evenly in greased baking dish.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, beat all four eggs.
  • Add eggnog, cream sugar and spices to eggs. Beat until well mixed.
  • Carefully pour egg mixture over the torn bread.
  • Cover tightly with cling wrap, refrigerate overnight.
  • In the morning, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Bake casserole uncovered for 45-50 minutes, or until eggs are completely set.
  • Let cool slightly, then serve with whipped cream!

Pictures and recipe are my own.