Wine Down Wednesday – Bay Bridge Cab Sauv


“Expensive wine is not always good, and good wine is not always expensive.” We firmly believe this, therefore Peter and I are on an unending hunt for the best bottle of wine under $8.00. Recently, we discovered a strong contender for the title at our local grocery store.

Bay Bridge Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine from the Central Valley region of California, and is what I would (not unkindly) call the Bud Light of Cabs. Budget friendly and slightly jammy with hints of black pepper, this wine is endlessly drinkable. Is it the most complex red I’ve ever had? No, but for $4.00 a bottle you can find enjoyment in the simplicity.

Traditional wisdom for Cabernet Sauvignons says to pair them with something high in fat or featuring umami tastes. However, this particular wine is not as full bodied as other Cab Sauvs and won’t stand up to those big flavors as well. That’s actually great from a versatility standpoint! Make this an “everyday” wine, and save those other bottles for a special occasion.

Though you can’t beat the bang for your buck delivered by the Cabernet Sauvignon, we wouldn’t recommend any of Bay Bridges’ other varieties. However, it’s important to remember that wine preference is a very personal thing. If you’ve got twenty dollars and are feeling adventurous, test out a couple and see what works best for you!

Pictures and graphics are my own.